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Best SD Card for Steam Deck 

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Steam Deck gives you gaming experience, but available only with low storage options. If in case,  you want to expand the storage, there are two ways, either replacing with bigger SSD or inserting SD card.  Inserting SD card is the best option as you can download more games and play.

Also expanding the storage with a SD card has less worries compared to usage of bigger SSD. A microSD card is one of the smaller SD card format which can be used in mobiles, tablets and Steam Deck. SD card is available in many sizes but it should support UHS speed standard  Currently most if the micro SD cards support the speed standard.

1)Gigastone 512GB Micro SD Card

The Micro SD Card is specifically designed for gaming purpose. The A1 specification of the card gives high speed for transferring the data which can be used by game professionals. The Micro SD Card can be used for Tablet, Laptop, PC, Mobiles, e-Reader, Camera, Music, Videos etc.

They are shockproof, waterproof,  temperature proof as well as X-Ray proof. They can resist from shock, water as well as varying temperature ranges. Suitable for airport X-rays and you can travel overseas without any problem. Gigastone comes with limited warranty period for five years.

2)Silicon Power 1TB Superior Gaming Micro SD

Silicon Micro SD is designed for Gaming purpose and mostly used in Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and ROG Ally. They are also compatible with Laptop, Tablet, PC, Smartphones, DSLR, Camera, Camcorder etc. Complies with UHS speed standard,  transfers data very fastly and saves more of your time while moving data from card to other devices. Designed with automatic correction code function.

They are shockproof, waterproof, temperature proof as well as X-Ray proof. Best suited  for outdoor activities even in extreme weather conditions.  They can survive from shock, water and temperatures. Complies to airport X-rays and need not worry about travelling overseas.

The microSD is available in storage range from 64GB to 1TB so that you can free the storage of your mobile. Especially it is designed for Gamers. They have limited warranty period of five years.

3)Lexar PLAY 1TB UHS-I Micro SD

Lexar PLAY Micro SD is compatible for   Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch, ROG Ally and other gaming devices. Even compatible for Tablet, Laptop, PC, Smartphones and Cameras.

They can transfer data at quick speeds with a loading time of 150MB/s. You can store lot of movies, videos, games, music as well as your favourite programs because of the large capacity of SD card. The Card is A2 rated and because of this feature apps can be downloaded very quickly without taking much of your time. 

4)PNY XLR8 512GB Gaming Class microSD


PNY Micro SD is very portable and compatible for Steam Deck, Nintendo Switch and other gaming devices. Even it can be used for Tablet, PC, Smartphones, Cameras and Drones. The Card is U3 rated and because of this videos, apps and games can be downloaded very quickly and you can reach the next level of the games in a faster way.

An ideal solution for the dedicated gamers as it gives speeds  of 100MB/s to read and 90MB/s to write and you will get the best gaming experience. They are A2 rated and you can download games and apps very quickly and save the time. You can easily download and transfer the games to your mobile as well as  gaming consoles and enjoy amazing gaming adventures. 

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