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Best iphone 14 pro max Case for Protection

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Using a case for iPhone 14 Pro Max is the best way of protecting your phone. There are many types of cases available that will be silky, and soft and give a smooth finish with an exterior made of silicone that gives a great feeling for your hands. Even on the inner side, a soft fiber lining will give more protection.

They also come with built magnets which are perfectly aligned for iPhone 14 Pro Max. They provide a magical touch experience and fast charging each time. During the time of charging also you can leave the case on your phone and charge it. They too undergo various testing procedures in order to protect the iPhone from drops and scratches.

The best iPhone 14 Pro Max Case are as follows.

ESR iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

ESR is compatible with iPhone 14 Pro Max. The case is maintained using a precise speaker and the port has cut-outs with easy access to pressing the buttons. It is in built with magnets and a great holding force which enables easier and faster wireless charging along with a secure locking facility.

The case has undergone many tests in order to provide protection on all the sides. The is a special feature of Air-Guard in the corners which acts as a  shock absorbent for your phone.  The  edges of screen are raised high and there is also guard lens for camera which protects your iPhone from scratches. It comes in clear acrylic colour and gives your iPhone 14 Pro Max a stunning as well as stylish look.

Temdan iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

Temdan case is exclusively designed for iPhone 14 Pro Max. Temdan iPhone 14 Pro Max case is resistant to water as it is IP68 Certified, can withstand in water up to 30 minutes. Also the Case is ideal for outdoor activities like snorkelling,  swimming,  surfing and other activities. You can test the case before exposing it in water with phone in it. Compatible for wireless charging.

The tempered glass made for iPhone 14 Pro Max case is also waterproof as it is specifically in built with  screen protector. The tempered glass maintains 99.9 percent sensitivity and prevent scratches. One more feature is its exclusively designed camera lens protector which offers needed protection for the  camera from any impact and adds beauty to each photo.

The case is certified various tests and survive drops. They are designed as a double layer shock absorbent , four  corners are effectively absorbent and disperse 99 percent of impact. Gives protection from shock for your iPhone. Besides providing full protection, they  also helps to maintain quality and clear sound. Need not worry about whether the  case will affect the volume and you can enjoy the music thoroughly. 

TAURI iPhone 14 Pro Max Case

TAURI iPhone 14 pro max case is fabricated to protect your phone against scratches, impacts and drops. The case is made using high quality polycarbonate material which acts as an excellent shock absorption and protects the phone from frequent tears.

There are two screen protectors and two lens protectors for camera which provides 360 degrees  protection for your phone. They use high grade clear TPU material and you can maintain the natural beauty of your phone. There is a Nano layer which efficiently resist away sweat and stains, won’t get greasy or become yellow over time, retains the original colour of the phone.

The phone case is designed with a soft frame and hard back cover in built with air cushion and anti falling property, which  provides various layers of protection from shock and reduces damage to your phone. They can easily fit in your pockets, can be operated single handed. The design of the case is also very slim which ensures the phone to feel light and easy to carry away, meanwhile providing ample protection.

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