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Best Michael Crichton Books 2022 ( Best Seller )

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Crichton was a true generalist, which is rare in the entertainment world these days. When his literary career got off, he had just graduated from Harvard Medical School and was in the middle of clinical rotations at Boston City Hospital, and he was just getting recognised as a novelist when his career in Hollywood took off.

He was the fourth bestselling novelist of the 1990s, as well as the creator and producer of one of the decade’s most successful TV series (the Emergency Room drama ER) and the director of several films, including the original Westworld.

1) Jurassic Park

Michael Crichton’s most thrilling technothriller, Jurassic Park, draws on all of his fascinating talent and scientific ability.

A breakthrough has been made in the recovery and regeneration of dinosaur DNA. The most exciting imaginations of humanity have now come true. Prehistoric dinosaurs roam Jurassic Park with their magnificent presence and great mystery, and visitors from all over the world may pay a fee to see them.

Unless anything went terribly wrong…

2) The Lost World

It’s been six years since the Jurassic Park secret disaster, six years when the incredible dream of science and creativity came crashing down – the dinosaurs were destroyed, the park was disassembled, and the island was closed to the public permanently.

However, there are reports that something has managed to live.

3) Congo

An team of eight American geologists is suddenly and brutally murdered in a matter of minutes deep in the African rain forest, near the famous ruins of the Lost City of Zinj.

Karen Ross, Congo Project Supervisor, watches a terrible video broadcast of the wreckage from ten thousand miles away: a camp destroyed, tents crushed and ripped, equipment scattered in the dirt beside dead bodies – everything still except for one moving image: a blurry, black, man-shaped blur.

4) Travels

As he travels from the Mayan pyramids to Kilimanjaro, he experiences many amazing adventures.

Michael Crichton’s adventures have taken him to places as disparate as swimming with mud sharks in Tahiti and pursuing wild creatures through Rwanda’s bush. This is the story of those journeys: a thrilling journey over the familiar and exotic boundaries of the outside world, and a purposeful journey into the deep spiritual depths of the inner world. It’s a thrilling journey full of danger and renewal, dread and wonder, on line with Michael Crichton’s many excellent and internationally acclaimed works of fiction.

5) Next

Welcome to the world of genetics. Fast, furious, and uncontrollable. This isn’t the world of the future; this is the world of today. Is a loved one missing a leg or two? Is it true that white girls are going extinct? Is your dining table populated by members of the same species?

Only 400 genes distinguish humans from chimpanzees; is this why an adult person resembles a chimpanzee foetus? Is this anything that we should be concerned about? Is a possible genetic treatment for drug addiction worse than the sickness itself?

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