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Best James Patterson Books

James Patterson is a best-selling American thriller novelist, thriller author, and criminal fiction writer. He is one of the highest-paid authors of all time, with the most New York Times bestsellers and the distinction of being the first author to sell one million ebooks in 2010. He’s also a philanthropist who’s given millions of dollars to help establish classroom libraries around the country.

With almost 200 novels under his credit, James Patterson offers something for every type of reader.

1) The Black Book

Billy Harney was destined to be a cop from the start. Billy, the son of Chicago’s head of detectives, and his twin sister, who is also on the department, follows the rules. There’s nothing Billy wouldn’t give up for his profession with his volatile, adrenaline-junkie colleague, Detective Kate Fenton. Amy Lentini, a tough-as-nails assistant state’s attorney determined to make a reputation for herself, feels Billy isn’t the detective he pretends to be. More than their professions are about to bind them together.

2) Murder in Paradise

In this collection of three suspenseful thrillers, a lawyer survives an attempted attack, a medical examiner finds deaths in Napa Valley, and a lady uses her drone to track down a killer.

3) Along Came a Spider

Along Came a Spider is the first edition of Patterson’s most popular series, Alex Cross, in which each part is totally fascinating. This is a classic thriller, gripping and complex, and a great place to start with his work. The kidnappings of a famous actress’s daughter and a politician’s son set the stage for the tale, which puts a brilliant expert witnesses against a deadly serial murderer that the FBI and Secret Service can’t trick while he’s in jail.

4) The Injustice

When four teenagers are accused of crimes they didn’t do, they join together to find out who may have set them up at school.

Theo’s Twitter account remained anonymous until a photo became viral, causing him to be removed. To find out who set them up, he teams up with Sasha, who was also expelled for a crime she didn’t commit. Even his best mate can’t be ruled out from the suspect list.

5) Home Sweet Murder

These two true-crime thrillers, based on the Discovery ID TV series Murder is Forever, follow a lawyer attempting to stop a killer and a detective attempting to investigate a double crime.

Lawyer Leo Fisher and his wife Sue are a sixty-one-year-old couple enjoying a nice Sunday supper at home (with Andrew Bourelle). Until a man dressed in a suit knocks on their home and claims to be an SEC agent. Two persons will be shot, wounded, and tortured by the end of the evening. Two others will suffer far worse…

The middle-aged housewife discovered dead with a knife in her throat was terrible in Murder on the Run (with Scott Slaven). But it was the small child who has been the worst. Detective Derek Mois promises the boy’s parents that he would arrest the murderer no matter how long or far he goes after a horrific double murder that puts Omaha, Nebraska, on the map…

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