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4 Best Elmore Leonard Books

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4 Best Elmore Leonard Books

Elmore John Leonard was a great writer who produced his best work in the twentieth century. In 1925, he was born, and in 2013, he passed away. Leonard’s career began with great Westerns, but he subsequently moved on to crime fiction and some incredible suspense thrillers. Many of Elmore Leonard’s finest works have been made into films.

Elmore was rewarded several times for his outstanding performance. His outstanding La Brava earned him the Edgar Award for Best Mystery Novel in 1983. Then, in 1992, he received the Mystery Writers of America’s Grand Master Award for Lifetime Achievement, followed by the Peabody Award, a National Book Award, and plenty of other awards.

1) Raylan

Raylan is a late-period piece; the texture is minimal, even by Leonard’s standards, and the story is straightforward. Raylan, the hero-marshal, has already appeared: Leonard enjoys saving time by repeating not only the sort of character, but the same character under a different name.

Raylan is an acidly funny officer who may have been a useful and attractive armed robber in another life. His specialty, like the western sharpshooters of Leonard’s earliest works, is shooting multiple enemies almost simultaneously without blinking.

2) The Complete Western Stories of Elmore Leonard

With hustlers and peddlers arriving in droves by horse, coach, lorry, and rail, and armed men working both sides of the law, trust was rare and valuable in the wide-open towns that have sprung up like weeds on America’s border hustlers and peddlers arriving in droves by horse, coach, lorry, and rail, and armed men working both sides of the law, all too eager to end a man’s life with a well-placed Elmore Leonard once again proves his exceptional knack for language and captivating narrative in these great tales that span more than five decades—including the first story he ever published, “The Trail of the Apache,” which made him one of the most recognised and influential authors of our time.

3) Swag

Frank Ryan and Ernest (Stick) Stickley run a thriving small-time armed robbery operation until they breach the “rules” that have served them so well. Swag is classic Elmore Leonard, funny but serious, with a fast-paced storyline and dramatic suspense that builds until the last page.

4) The Hunted

Elmore Leonard’s work The Hunted is a criminal thriller. It was first released in 1977 under the title ‘Hat Trick.’

Elmore Leonard’s The Hunted takes the action far from his regular Detroit, Florida, and Los Angeles settings, all the way to the Middle East, as described by the Washington Post as “crime fiction’s greatest living practitioner.”

In this outstanding tale of a criminal staying under the surface in Israel, there’s no shortage of action and suspense—not to mention Leonard’s signature dialogue—until a well-publicized Charitable gesture gets the unwanted notice of well-armed American crime bosses who are now coming to get him.

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