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5 Best Peel and Stick Countertop

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5 Best Peel and Stick Countertop

Peel and stick countertops are exactly what they sound like: a wallpaper-like material with an adhesive backing that you apply over your current counters. Faux marble, granite, gold, soapstone, and concrete are just some of the hues and designs available.

There are several modifications you can make that are temporary if you don’t have the means for a total kitchen renovation or if you’re renting and aren’t permitted to decorate but would really like to.

1) Weiseni Marble Wallpaper 

Waterproof and oil-resistant: This fake marble contact paper is composed of high-quality plastic that is entirely waterproof and oil-resistant, making it ideal for use on kitchen countertops and bathroom vanity tops.

Self-Adhesive: This is a peel and stick marble wallpaper that requires no additional chemical adhesive to install and is really easy to work with.

Durable and Strong Adhesion: Durable materials that don’t wrinkle or break easily. It’s also forgiving, allowing for a few especially in times.

Easy to Cut: The reverse of the card has a grid line that makes cropping a breeze. It’s ideal for DIY projects.

2) VEELIKE Navy Blue Marble 
  • Vinyl of superior quality
  • Navy blue in colour.
  • 15.7″ (Width) x 118″ (Length)
  • What’s in the box: A handbook and a roll of marble contact paper
  • Backsplash, countertop, cabinet, table, drawer, smooth wall, cabinet, glass window, dresser, bookcase, laptop, crafts, doors, and any other diy project
  • It’s waterproof and moisture-proof, so it’ll keep your furniture dry.
  • Gridlines are printed on the backside for accurate cutting.
  • Self-adhesive without the need for additional chemical glue.
  • It’s simple to clean up and wipe away the mess.

3) VEELIKE Pink Marble Contact Paper 


  • Vinyl of superior quality
  • Pink and white are the colours used.
  • A roll of wallpaper is included with the package.

Backsplash, Countertop, Cupboard, Table, Drawer, Smooth Wall, Cabinet, Glass Window, Dresser, Bookcase, Backsplash, Countertop, Cupboard, Table, Drawer, Smooth Wall, Cabinet, Glass Window, Dresser, Bookcase.

4) WESTICK Black Furniture Renovation Peel 
  • Material Vinyl
  • Color Black
  • Brand WESTICK
  • Style Modern
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH 393 x 15.75 x 0.01 inches

EASY INSTALLATION: No glue or special skills are required for this peel and stick wallpaper.

Cabinets, countertops, backsplashes, stoves, walls, floors, wardrobes, dining tables, refrigerators, drawers, doors, kitchens, bedrooms, baths, living rooms, dollhouses, farmhouses, and more may all benefit from this contact paper.

5) VEELIKE Waterproof Self-Adhesive Grey Granite Wallpaper 

It’s composed of high-quality vinyl that resists water and oil, making it easy to clean and protect your counters and cabinets.

Installation is simple: It’s self-adhesive granite wallpaper with gridlines on the backing for exact cutting; all you have to do is peel and adhere it to the wall.

Removable: It’s really forgiving, allowing you to raise it up and tweak it a few times, and it’s easy to remove without leaving a sticky residue.

Adhesion that is both durable and strong: Strong materials that are difficult to break off, stick securely, and don’t flake off.

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