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Best LED Strip Light for Decoration

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Lightening in the home can bring more joyous and happiness into your life. Light brings positivity and makes the whole environment happy. You must have ever seen an Ad for tube light, or sometimes for bulbs. But, here I’ll talk about some LED Strip lights which make your house colorful and full of lightening. The various LED Strip Light named as per it’s performance. And, you will definitely think about these Apps, etc. 

1) Keep Smile Multicolor LED Strip Light 

Keep Smile Multicolor LED Strip Light is for indoor usage and can be controlled through a Remote or an App. If you are controlling your LED light through App then you easily connect it with your Bluetooth and brighten up your room. It has a 50 light source which comes in 3 different sizes, that is., 50 Ft, 100 Ft, and 150 Ft. This LED Light sync with music so that can everybody enjoy the joyous atmosphere. It has also a timer setting that schedules both sleep time and wake-up time.

It can be your perfect choice for home decoration. You can put this LED light in the kitchen, bedroom, festivals, events, etc. This RGB LED Strip Light can freely control thousands of colors through a 44-key infrared remote control or smartphone. It has adjustable brightness and multiple lighting modes to fit the room’s mood. LED Light strips self-adhesive tape can firmly adhere to any dry and smooth surface, solving the problem of falling light strips. You can also customize the length of the LED lights, cutting every 3 LEDs along the cutting mark or you can also use a specific connector to extend the light bar to other places. 

2) Tenmiro  Multicolor LED Strip Light

Tenmiro Multicolor LED Strip Light is a color-changing strip light with a power source of corded electricity. It provides you with RGB light color with a music theme. It comes in different sizes like 100 Ft, 13.12 Ft, 32.8 Ft, 50 Ft, 65.6 Ft, and 130 Ft. You can control it through Remote Control or through App Control. It has a very easy setup and it’s also easy to create a unique party. The App for Tenmiro Multicolor LED Strip Light is available on both iOS and Android. You can sync music also.

This LED light strip has a function of music sync. It has a built-in sensitivity adjustable mic. The LED Light color will change with the rhythm of the sound and music. With music, you can create a romantic, relaxed and cheerful party atmosphere that takes your party up to the high peak. You can easily select colors, change modes, adjust brightness, and can also do smart timing. It offers you millions of different colors and  25 modes so you can do DIYs with your own unique colors to light up your life. For installation also, you don’t have to worry about it. You have to just stick the LED Strips on a clean, dry surface, and then you are ready to start enjoying the strip lighting. These LED Strip Lights is not only used for decoration purpose but also for bedroom, living room, etc. 

3) Novostella White LED Strip Light

Novostella White LED Strip Light can only use Indoor and comes in Warm White + Daylight White color with Corded Electric. It has two kinds of LED Light that is 3000 K and 6000 K. It is safe to touch. It’s RF Remote Controller which can be used 360 and is more accurate than IR remote, working distance is up to 40 – 45 Ft, strong signals even penetrate walls and doors, and cabinets. You can easily install it by yourself. It’s a self-adhesive back with adhesive tape for safe and easy application, you can also install it with screws. It is suitable for Indoor lighting and décor such as bedrooms, kitchens, cabinets, TV, Dining Rooms, living room, wedding, etc. It has 720 numbers of light sources. You can control it through its remote. 

 4) Fonewe Multicolor LED Strip Light

Fonewe Multicolor LED Strip Light has an indoor corded electric that comes in RGB light. You can connect it easily with Bluetooth. Its 50 Ft LED lights for the bedroom provide enough length to decorate an entire room. You can use these LED Strip Lights for bedrooms, Bed Frames, Cabinets, Kitchen, Living Room, Stair Cases, etc. It makes your whole home vibrant. These lights can be easily cut and linked with LED Light strips to get your desired length, which can be cut along the cutting marks.

You can easily choose 16 million colors, multiple scene modes, brightness adjustment, timer, music sync, etc. by the App or Remote Control. It has adjustable brightness and multiple Lighting modes to fit the room’s mood. It changes colors according to the rhythm of your music or surrounding sound. It provides strong self-adhesive tape, a controller, and a power adaptor to install the LED Light Strip. The self-adhesive tape makes it easy to stick on a clean and dry surface. It’s not waterproof so you can only use it indoors.

5) Hedynshine Multicolor LED Strip Light

Hedynshine LED Strip Light can use only for indoor usage and can control through a Remote. It can sync music with IR Remote Controller. It has a Long Size Worked in 150 Ft,  it’s music sensitivity adjustment can be strong or weak. This LED light strip is very sensitive and fast to jump the color with music. Hedynshine LED light has 4 types of music models, 3/7 color jump or fade, speed can be adjusted. It is very easy to control and change color by remote, full-color change. RGB led strip lights with dimmable function. These 150 Ft smart music LED strip lights use back strong tape which is strong sponge tape with white color and is very strong to stick on the wall.

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